Quality and certificates


In order to be able to enjoy good reputation of the chickens we sell, we constantly strive to achieve top quality of the products we sell.

Hence, at every stage of production, we have created HACCP control procedures, and we verify the sanitary levels, both in terms of the cleanliness of our employees’ hands, as well as with respect to the products, and we conduct research at independent laboratories.

We strive to satisfy our customers’ requirements and needs, and care for health and satisfaction of our customers is a prime guideline of our facilities.

The following are our further assets:

❖ Poultry slaughter house in Lubomierz, Poland

❖ Modern meat separation plant in Trzciana, with a BRC system and a modern production line

❖ Wholesale facilities in Kraków

❖ Own transport network and refrigerated trucks

❖ Own farms and cooperation with a group of farmers

❖ Own feed manufacturing plant


❖ BRC Food safety certificate

❖ IFS Food safety certificate – a standard for all food manufacturers supplying their products to hyper- and supermarkets



– is a guarantee of high quality products manufactured by SYSTEM-DROB. The requirements of legal regulations and the principles of good manufacturing practice are strictly adhered to throughout the slaughter and cutting proces and hygienic GMP / GHP and the requirements of the HACCP system.


the world standard of Food Safety that guarantees high quality and safety of the products we offer to our customers.


international certificate confirming compliance of our products with the highest standards.

Appreciate Polish

a quality certificate distinguishing excellent class, proven and reliable native products.


certificate authorizing to market organic food.

Food safety

legality and quality policy – a document guaranteeing the production of safe for health, compliant with legal requirements and with the quality expectations of finished products, which guarantee satisfaction and meeting the expectations of our customers.